Hand made lanyards, decoys, and more!

Color Combinations

Create your own design using your school colors, favorite team colors, or personal preferences.

  non camo colors

Red, Blue, White, Purple, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Black, Neon Yellow, Orange

  camo colors

Tan, Desert Camo, Dark Brown, Foliage Green, Digital Green, Olive Drab


These are some of our more popular color combinations.

Red, White, Blue

red white blue

Neon Pink, Black, White

neon pink  black white

Tan, Desert Camo, Dark Brown

tan desert camo dark brown

Double Orange, White

double orange white

Purple, Neon Yellow, White

purple yellow white

Olive Drab, Black, Digital Green

Olive drab, black, digital green

White, Foliage Green, Desert Camo

White, foliage green, desert camo

Double Black, Orange

double black orange

Digital, Foliage Green, Olive Drab

Digital and foliage green,  olive drab

Orange, White, Black

orange white black

Black, Dark Brown, Desert Camo

Black, dark brown, desert camo

White, Olive Drab, Tan

White, olive drab, tan

Neon Green, Orange, Black

neon green orange black

White, Black, Desert Camo

White, black, desert camo

Double Pink, Black

Double pink, black


Neon Yellow, Neon Green, White

Neon yellow, neon green, white

Orange, Purple, Neon Green

Orange, purple, neon green

Neon Green, Black, White

Neon green, black, white

White, Black, Dark Brown

White, black, dark brown

Neon Pink, Black, Neon Green

Neon pink, black, neon green

White, Olive Drab, Digital Camo

White, olive drab, digital camo

White, Tan, Desert Camo

White, tan, desert camo

Double Orange, Black

Double orange, black

Neon Yellow, Black, White

Neon yellow, black, white

Orange, Black, Desert Camo

Orange, Black, Desert Camo